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Media Composer 110 | 3 Day

Media Composer Fundamentals II - $1,295

MC 110 certification test is now FREE with this course!


Our MC 110 class is a three-day course that introduces the concepts of nonlinear editing and includes all basic features of the Avid Media Composer system for Macintosh.  

An intermediate course, this course is designed to teach students the technical and organization skills of an assistant editor, and develop their editorial skills with the tools and techniques required to produce a well-edited video.  From using dynamic trim techniques to shape the actor’s performances in a dramatic scene, to quickly assembling a news package to meet deadline, this course empowers novice users to take their Media Composer skills to the next level. Class projects and exercises are hands-on, giving students the opportunity to work on an unscripted documentary project, as well as a scripted comedy scene.

This course provides a solid foundation in Media Composer video effects capabilities and in conjunction with the Media Composer Fundamentals I (MC101) course, will prepare you to earn the credential of Avid Certified User (Media Composer).

Who should attend? Editors, Assistant editors, and Multimedia producers.


  • Completion of the course Media Composer Fundamentals I (MC101)

  • A working knowledge of Windows or Macintosh operating systems

  • Experience video production or post-production is strongly recommended

Each student gets their own workstation.  

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